Gathering Words: You are Welcome

Here are words to begin worship from Cheryl Lawrie’s [hold this space] website.

The Gathering

Why are you here?
Maybe you are here because you recognize in your own story
a greater story
one spoken since the beginning of time
by prophets, preachers and peacemakers
a story where god calls the world
into liberation and wholeness.

Maybe you are here because you have glimpsed
a moment of love that is beyond human reach
the grace that lies just beyond our finger tips
that transforms the ugly into breathtaking
the impossible into the real

Maybe you are here, not defined by faith
but with a deep conviction
that the ending to everyone’s story is yet to be written
and can be shaped into life by justice and compassion.

Maybe you are here, no longer sure whether you belong
or how any of this makes a difference
struggling to remember the vision that inspired you
or the call that now eludes you.

You are welcome…

~ written by Cheryl Lawrie, and posted on [hold this space].