Confession: Singing Our Own Songs

Here’s a confession based based on a musical metaphor. It was written by Rev. Dr. Bertrice Wood.

Prayer of Confession

This is a moment given by God to confess our sins
against each other, all that God has created, and God. 
Let us take this moment to account
for the ways in which we have not embodied
what it means to be created in the image of God.

Holy God, we confess that too often we have not been open
to the rhythms of life you offer to us.
We let ourselves be put off your pace
and allow ourselves to wander off into our own songs.
Too often the melodies of the world confuse us. 
We have led ourselves and others to paths
that are not according to your loving pace and direction. 

Help us pay attention with all of our senses. 
Make our dancing faithful;
help us take the risks that are part of letting you lead. 
Pull us back into your rhythms.
Clean our hearts, purify our hands and steady our feet
that we might know and share your blessings. 

The God of Hosts assures us that if we trust God’s Word,
we will be led back to the songs that God would have us sing. 
God is eager to show us the path home. 
Accept the offer of the new song we have been given through Jesus the Christ. 

~ written by the Rev. Dr. Bertrice Wood. From God Inspired Joy: Service Prayers for Pentecost Seven. Posted on the United Church of Christ Worship Ways website.