The Story of Creation for Child-Like Hearts

Here’s an intergenerational story of creation (Genesis 1-2) told in gestures and words, from the Kairos Canada website.  You might consider having one person tell the story, while another does the actions.

The Story of Creation

In the beginning, the world was dark, and there was no shape.
(Put hands over eyes and shake head "no.")
God moved over the water.
(Move arms left to right in front of body.)
Then God spoke and said, "Let there be light."
(Cup hands around mouth.)
And there was light!
(Arch hands over head like you are making a big sun.)
And God said, "This is good!"
(Make a “thumbs up” sign.)
God separated the day from the night.
(Push arms away from sides of body.)
God separated the heavens from the earth.
(Push one arm up and one arm down vertically away from body.)
God separated the water from the land.
(Push arms away from front of body as if pushing something away from you.)
And God said, "This is good!"
(Make "thumbs up” sign.)
God made plants to grow.
(Squat down, put hands and arms together over your head, and slowly stand upward and reach high.)
God made the stars at night.
(While hands are still high over head, open hands and fingers wide, and wiggle fingers.)
And God said, "This is good!"
(Make “thumbs up” sign.)
God made the fish in the sea, and the birds in the air.
(Put hands together, fingers closed, and move them like a fish tail swimming; then put arms out at sides and flap like a bird.)
And God said, "This is good!"
(Make "thumbs up" sign.)
God made animals on the land.
(Let children imitate different animals they know--bunnies hopping, dogs barking, etc.)
And God said, "This is good!"
(Make "thumbs up" sign.)
Then God made people in God's own image.
(Smile and point to self, then look to heavens.)
God said to the people, "Take good care of my world!"
(Point finger and shake it in front, as if shaking it at someone.)
And God said, "This world is good!"
(Make "thumbs up" sign and have all say "This is Good!”)

~ posted on KAIROS Water Worship Service