Mar 5, 2014

Litany: Confessions along the Journey

Here’s a litany of confession from Rev. Christine Sobania Johnson’s Freshly Squeezed Liturgy blog. 


Sometimes we stride through this life arrogantly,
believing that our achievements come exclusively via our own brilliance,
our own perseverance.

Sometimes we race through this life recklessly,
feeling that we must compete and that we must finish first.

Sometimes we tiptoe through this life fearfully,
worried that we will be shortchanged of what we need and of what we want.

Sometimes we meander through this life inattentively,
unsuspecting that our words may harm or our actions may injure.

Sometimes we slip through this life spitefully,
supposing that grudges should be kept and forgiveness should be withheld.

Sometimes we wander through this life obliviously,
unaware that small and large miracles surround us.

Sometimes we skulk through this life suspiciously,
thinking that trust is a misguided danger.

Sometimes we barrel through this life heedlessly,
ignoring that there is goodness and beauty to be noticed.

Sometimes we stomp through this life noisily,
forgetting that God just may be waiting to meet us in the silence. 

(enter into silent prayers of confession.) 

Forgive us for treading so gracelessly on this journey.

Forgive us,
but then outfit us with generosity, purpose, wonder, humility and courage
for the next leg of this journey with you. Amen.

~ written by Rev. Christine Sobania Johnson on her blog, Freshly Squeezed Liturgy.