Mar 6, 2014

Ash Wednesday: Marked by death in order to live

Here’s a reflection written the day after Ash Wednesday from John Ballenger (A Preacher Musing).

Respectfully Submitted

We respectfully submit, our God,
this day after Ash Wednesday,
within our grieving
deaths and diagnoses,
that life offers us enough reminders of death
to need a liturgical one.

So remind us,
that we are ritually marked by death
in order to live—
and to live more abundantly.
Remind us,
that you breathed on the dust that became us,
and that you will breathe on the dust we become,
and that your breath on dust
always means life
and light and love.
Remind us,
of Your presence with us,
day by day—
fulfilling us with life ever new.

~ written by John Ballenger, pastor of Woodbrook Baptist Church ( in Baltimore, MD.  Posted on A Preacher Musing.