Jan 30, 2014

Prayer of Petition: Salt and Light

Here’s a prayer of petition inspired by Jesus’ teaching about salt and light in Matthew 5:13-16.  It comes from the WordLife website.

(inspired by Matthew 5:13-16)

Father, can you use me
to save people from the decay of life without you?
Father, can you use me
to flavour the blandness of this pop culture soup?

Jesus, is your purity found in me,
or have I become unseasonably fashionable?
Jesus, am I good for nothing
but to be thrown on lumps of roadside black ice?

Spirit, am I leaning back into the shadows –
a camouflaged follower of Christ?
Spirit, has my heart become darkened,
shutting out the one true Light?

~ from the WordLive website. http://www.wordlive.org/