Prayer of Commitment: Salt and Light

Here’s a prayer of commitment inspired by Jesus’ teaching about salt and light (Matthew 5:13-16).  It comes from the Catholic Online website.

Prayer of Commitment
(inspired by Matthew 5: 14-16)

Lord Jesus,
you have said that your followers must be the ‘light to the world.
Light propagates itself, dispels darkness.
It sows rays of joy and hope. It is life-giving.

Help me, Lord, to be a light to this world,
so that my life radiate your message of love, hope, and joy.
May I be the beacon leading to You those who seek truth.

You also said, Lord Jesus,
that your disciples must be the salt to this earth.
Salt gives taste to food.
It retards spoilage.
It is also a healing agent.

Lord, may I be the salt
that takes away the blandness in the routine of living,
that prevents the rottenness of hatred and greed
from expanding around me,
that brings compassionate healing to anguished souls I encounter.

Lord, help me to be "worth my salt."
And infuse your "saltiness" in me,
so that I do not become "flat" and useless.

~ excerpted from a longer prayer posted on Catholic Online.