Prayer for Others: Bringing Salt and Light

Here’s a prayer of commitment inspired by Matthew 5: 13-16.  It was written by Rev. Liz Crumlish, and posted on the Church of Scotland website.

Prayer for Others
(inspired by Matthew 5: 13-16)

There is no part of life
you do not touch, O God,
infusing your rich fragrance— gritty and real—
getting in underneath the surface,
drawing out and lifting up winding love around
until defences are lowered, barriers broken down
and the power of your love reveals the beauty
you intended for all your children.

May our actions draw attention to you,
to the richness you bring to all life
and the abundance you share,
setting the scene for us to share too.

Help us to bring light
into all the darkness of life, spreading hope for a better world,
a world where justice is made real by your children living together
in harmony.
Help us to bring salt
into the blandness of life,
encouraging vitality and joy in living
in a world that dares to hope
for the future that you promise
where all your children will know themselves
loved and valued
and treasured,
created in your image,
bringing you glory forever.

~ written by Rev Liz Crumlish, and posted on the Church of Scotland’s Starters for Sunday website.