Prayer for Light

Here’s a prayer of intercession, petition, and commitment from the World Council of Churches.


God, bringing light and banishing fear,
we light this candle as a sign
of our willingness to be your light in the world.

We remember before you our own communities,
the places where we live and work,
the people whose lives are connected to ours.

We bring before you all the people
whose stories we have witnessed yesterday and will witness today,
and all those whose stories have shaped our lives.

In Jesus, you show us how to confront violence
and how to transform it into peace and justice.

Fill us with your peace, that we may be peacemakers.
Fill us with your truth, that we may speak truth to power.
Fill us with your courage, that we may bring hope to those who live in fear.
Fill us with joy, that we may be your beacons in the world.

We ask it in the name of Jesus, our brother and our friend, Amen.

~ from Laying Down Our Stones, a liturgy adapted from a 2010 Lenten study compiled by the World Council of Churches, the World YMCA, and WSCF.  Posted on the WSCF Europe website.