Prayer of Confession: Joel 2: 28-29

Here’s a corporate prayer of confession inspired by Joel 2: 28-29.  It was written by Rev. Christopher Ney.

Call to Confession

We turn to God in prayer
not because we are compelled
but because God invites us.
We come to God
not because of our righteousness
but because of God’s grace.
In that spirit,
we offer this prayer of confession and unburdening.

Unison Prayer of Confession

Loving God, we know that in every generation
you call forth prophets to proclaim your word.
We give you thanks that you are still speaking even today.
Your Spirit inspires the young to see visions of a new creation
and elders to dream of a time not yet known.
Yet we confess that we fail to hear your voice
when it comes from an unexpected place.
Convinced that we are right,
we miss the Good News of your reconciling love.
Forgive us, God.
Restore us with humility and awaken us anew
to your presence and your promise. Amen.

Assurance of Pardon

The God of creation is a God of mercy.
God is quick to forgive
and God’s promise of restoration is for all people.
Friends believe the Good News of the Gospel

~ written by Rev. Christopher Ney, in Prophecy, Dreams and Visions: Service Prayers for the Twenty-Second Sunday after Pentecost. Posted on the United Church of Christ’s Worship Ways website.