Pastoral Prayer: Joel 2: 23-29

Here’s a pastoral prayer inspired by Joel 2: 23-29.  It comes from archives of Mennonite Church USA.

Pastoral Prayer
(inspired by Joel 2: 23-29)

We, the children of Zion, are glad.
We rejoice in you, O Lord.
You have poured out upon us blessings like abundant rain.
Our threshing floors are full of grain;
our barrels overflow with the wine of your goodness.
We rest in your providence, your generosity, your loving kindness.
We delight in your presence.
Time and time again,
you have shown us that you are present in our midst.
Whether we have had little or much,
whether we have suffered or prospered,
you have been our faithful and sustaining God.
When we … you were there. 
(Add specific ways God has been faithful in your congregation’s experience.) 

Since you have been faithful in times past,
we can ask in confidence that you minister to our current needs….  
(Name them as appropriate.)

We, the children of Zion, are glad.
We rejoice in you, O Lord.
You have dealt wonderfully with us.
You have redeemed us.
You have led us by your hand.
From the call to Abraham and Sarah,
to the birth of the church at Pentecost,
to the birth of our congregation,
you have led us.
You have provided leaders and faithful members,
who by God’s Spirit have nurtured us and cared for us.

And now, we ask that you call out from among us new leaders
on whom you will pour out your spirit.
Anoint our sons and daughters to prophesy,
to dream dreams and see visions.
Give them courage to dream your dreams.
Give them eyes to see your visions.
Give us willing hearts to follow those dreams and visions.
Mold and shape us by those dreams and visions
to be faithful and passionate witnesses
of your love, grace, and truth in the twenty-first century.
May it be so, in the name of our Lord. Amen.