Prayer of Hospitality

Here’s another hospitality prayer.  This one was written by Rev. Naomi King.

Hospitality Prayer

Beloved, teach us to open our shuttered hearts
and our portioned and boarded up spirits
with bold generous and with courageous hospitality.
Estranged and alienated so often and from so much,
sustain us in making circles of welcome out of gatherings of strangers.
Around the table of wonder, meet us in abundance,
drawing out our stories
and showing us how to weave together community with steadfast love.
The wells of life are our responsibilities;
teach us to care for them together,
with forbearance, forgiveness, gratitude, and rejoicing.
When we are cast out and wandering,
may we find welcome and compassion
that calls us back into accountable relationship,
into the ways of healing, into the ways of peace.
Generation after generation has wrested and exiled
or been dispossessed.
Generation after generation has learned anew
how to make welcome,
how to make home wherever they are, however they are,
and how to welcome You, Beloved,
in welcoming enemies, strangers, and exiles
into a life of transforming love. Amen.

~ written by Rev. Naomi King, and posted on The Wonderment.