Call to Worship, Prayer: Radical Hospitality

Here’s a call to worship and opening prayer on the theme of radical hospitality.  It was written by Cynthia Langston Kirk.

Call to Worship

Welcome to a time of wonder
and music that calls us home
Welcome to hear God’s words that inspire and challenge
and to reminders that we are offered holy hospitality -
Hospitality that teaches us how to open our lives to others
leading us to fully live open minds, open hearts, open doors.


God of the Widow at Zarephath,
God of Joseph the Forgiver,
we stand in awe of people who showed hospitality
in the midst of sacrifice and betrayal.
Take us deep into the heart of hospitality.
Help us to understand that the generosity the world needs
often demands sacrifice on our part.
Be with those who have never known a table
blessed by laughter and welcome,
who have seldom heard affirmations
and who do not know your abiding love.  
Remind us, O God, that we are to set many tables,
to speak blessings often
and to be your love in the world.
In the name of Christ we pray. Amen.

~ Copyright © 2011 Cynthia Langston Kirk. Posted on Piercing Stories.