Prayer of Confession: Selfishness

Here’s a prayer of confession from John Birch’s Faith and Worship website.

Prayer of Confession

You have given us
a world of beauty,
and we have spoilt it.
A world to feed us,
and so many go hungry.
A world of riches,
and we are unwilling to share.
A world to care for,
and we think only of ourselves.
Forgive us, gracious God,
every time your heart is saddened
by our selfishness,
every time we have no thought
for others, no cares but ours.
Enable us to see this world
as a gift from you
that can be shared,
and those who live on it
as our neighbours.
We ask this that your name
may be glorified,
through the beauty of this world,
and the service of our lives.

~ written by John Birch, and posted on Faith and Worship.