Call to Worship & Prayer: Proper 16 C

Here’s a responsive call to worship and opening prayer inspired by the suggested scripture readings for Proper 16, Year C.  It was written by the Rev. Catherine Rolling.

Call to Worship

We may be thirsty and parched,
like an un-watered garden,
so we come into God’s presence:
The Divine One is a spring of water! 

We may be weary from worry and work
so we come into God’s presence:
The Holy One offers us Sabbath rest!

We may be lost or confused
so we come into God’s presence:
The Wise One offers us welcome and guidance!

We may be bent over with struggle or pain
So we come into God’s presence:
The Healing One empowers us to stand strong!

Prayer of Invocation

O God of all goodness,
you welcome us, forgive us and heal us. 
You seek us out from places where we have hidden from you.
You crown us with steadfast love and mercy.
Reveal yourself to us in this moment.
Let us know your presence so that we may bless you:
Bless you, O God!
Bless your holy name!  Amen.

~ written by The Rev. Catherine Rolling, and posted on the United Church of Christ’s Worship Ways website.