Pastoral Prayer: Luke 12: 49-56

Here’s a pastoral prayer inspired by Luke 12: 49-56. It was written by Reverend Randy N. Sherrill.

Pastoral Prayer
(inspired by Luke 12: 49-56)

Refining God,
the blaze of your honesty separates truth from falsehood in our lives.

When we approach you too easily and casually,
thinking that we are in control,
your baptism of holiness reveals that your loving sacrifice for us
reorders all of our relationships and priorities.

God, we too quickly assume that reality is based on how we perceive the world.
Arrogantly, we treat you as someone doing our bidding,
waiting to fulfill our whims or wants,
and unable or unwilling to challenge our most cherished idols.

Your vision, your timing, and your intense passion are at times very foreign to us.
Our misguided intentions seek shallow answers, blind agreement,
and approval of what we already believe.

Erect within us courage that shatters and exceeds assumed boundaries.
Release us from illusions that dampen your fire within us.
Build a kingdom sensitivity that yields to your will.
Help us to step back and ask:
what, our Lord, do you seek for us? Where are you leading?
Show us how we should care.

And when we trust you completely, whether family, friend, or stranger,
we will love all people as you love them.
We are ready for your open future,
for in the days ahead, we will find you already at work.

~ Copyright © 2010, Reverend Randy N. Sherrill. Posted on the website of the Konnoak Hills United Methodist Church.