Jun 6, 2013

Reflection: Uncharted Territory

Here’s a reflection on I Kings 19: 1-15.  It was written by Cheryl Lawrie.

uncharted territory

For all the stories of journeys in the bible
we know nothing of the maps people travelled with.
journeys that would have taken days
and crossed uncharted territory
of land and mind
are condensed in the space between
a full stop
and a capital letter.

Elijah ran from Jezebel –
a refugee in a strange land
with a distant mountain to aim for
and a world of fear and terror between.

And in this unmapped space
he fought to make his path

but for the company of angels.

Who are the angels who give you food for the journey
when you find yourself alone
in the uncharted worlds of faith?

take some bread and eat it in their honour

And who can you be an angel for when you leave here?
drink some water and make your prayer for grace.

~ written by Cheryl Lawrie, and posted on [hold this space].  http://holdthisspace.org.au/