Statement of Faith: In the Silence

Here’s a statement of faith written by Lisa Frenz.

Testimony of Faith

Into the silence of the void the Creator spoke,
and the world came into being.
The Word of God in the vastness brought light from darkness,
matter from nothing,
flesh from dust,
life from lifelessness.

In the quiet of a small town in Palestine
the Word of God came to us.
Even though of one being with the Creator,
Jesus our Christ, taking on human form, was born,
lived and walked among us,
speaking the words of life.
He was crucified, died, and was buried.
He rose from the dead and speaks to us today.
He is the one who saves us from ourselves.

In the stillness of our souls the Spirit of God,
who is one with the Creator and the Christ,
whispers the Word,
and calls us back to the Creator,
back to the Christ,
back to the wholeness of everlasting life
in the unity of the Creator, Christ and Spirit.

~ from Ash Wednesday (Silence) written by Lisa Frenz for the Mt. Carmel Evangelical Lutheran Church in Portland, Oregon.  Posted on  Lisa’s Liturgies.  If used, please include this note: “Copyright © 2007 Lisa Frenz. All Rights Reserved. Used with permission."