Litany: We Are God's Handiwork

Here’s a litany on the Body of Christ, written by Rev. David Inglis.


We are God's work of art—
each one of us a precious gem,
a marvelous melody,
a potter's delight.
We are God's handiwork–
woven together in love,
shaped with infinite compassion,
painted with incredible beauty.
We are the church of Jesus Christ—
diverse in human qualities,
but united in our call to love God
with all our heart, mind, soul, and strength,
and to love our neighbor as ourselves.
We are the Body of Christ—
living in his truth, sharing his peace,
carrying his hope, embodying his love,
throughout the world he loved so much.
We are here to be reminded once more who we are,
whose we are and what our lives are about.
We are here to be uplifted, renewed and empowered
to live out the miracle of who we are,
by the power of God working in and among us.
We open ourselves to God, who makes all things new.

~ adapted from “God’s Work of Art,” written by the Rev. David Inglis, pastor of Henrietta (NY) United Church of Christ.  Posted in Worship Resources for Human Relations Day, 2011, on the Sharing God’s Gifts website of the United Methodist Church.