Apr 2, 2013

Prayer: God of Fools, Lord of Clowns

Here’s a prayer written by Edward Hays.


God of Fools, Lord of Clowns and Smiling Saints,
we rejoice in this playful prayer that you are a God of laughter and of tears.
Blessed are you, for you have rooted within us
the gifts of humour, lightheartedness, and mirth,
with jokes and comedy, you cause our hearts to sing
as laughter is made to flow out of us.
We are grateful that your Son, Jesus,
who was this world’s master of wit,
daily invites us to be fools for your sake,
to embrace the madness of your prophets, holy people, and saints.
We delight in holy madness which becomes the very medicine
to heal the chaos of the cosmos
since it calls each of us out of the hum-drumness of daily life
into joy, adventure, and, most of all, into freedom.
We, who are so easily tempted to barter our freedom
for tiny speckles of honour and power,
are filled with gratitude that your Son’s very life has reminded us
to value only love, the communion with other persons and with you,
and to balance honour with humour.
With circus bands and organ grinders,
with fools, clowns, court-jesters, and comics,
with high-spirited angels and saints,
we too join the fun and foolishness of life,
so that your holy laughter may ring out to the edges of the universe.
Blessed are you, Lord our God, who invites us to be holy fools. Amen.

~ written by Edward Hays in Pray All Ways: A Book for Daily Worship Using All Your Senses. http://www.amazon.ca/Pray-All-Ways-Worship-Senses/dp/0939516810