New Hymn for Holy Humor Sunday

Here’s a new hymn from Elizabeth Cosnett (Hymns for Everyday Saints).

When we are tempted

When we are tempted in our pride
to dizzy heights of sin,
beneath our feet, O Lord, provide
a ripe banana skin,
and when we yearn at someone’s head
to let a brickbat fly,
give us the grace to use instead
a well-aimed custard pie….

When cherished institutions stand
before your throne of grace,
with good intentions in each hand
and egg on every face,
teach us to query grand designs
with laughter born of tears,
for deep in earth’s jam-butty mines
your rainbow still appears…

~ written by Elizabeth Cosnett, in her collection Hymns for Everyday Saints.  Posted on the website of Greenfield Church (Baptist and Congregational) in Urmston, England.

The hymn is in meter. You might try one of the following tunes:
ELLACOMBE (I sing the mighty power of God)
FORESTGREEN (O little town of Bethlehem – UK tune)