Pastoral Prayer: Easter 7 C

Here’s a pastoral prayer inspired by the suggested scripture readings for the seventh Sunday of Easter (Year C).  It comes from the Presbyterian Church in Canada website.

Pastoral Prayer
(inspired by Revelation 22 and John 17)

Merciful God, we say that we want you to come and be among us.  And yet we acknowledge that you already are among us, fully and completely at all times. We say that we want Jesus to return and we pray, “Come, Lord Jesus.” And yet, we confess our fears and uncertainty about the return of Christ and what it will mean for us and for the world. Jesus prayed that we might be one with you and with each other. And yet, so often, if we are honest, we wish to remain separate from you, maintaining our independence and control. We resist the burden of being unified with those around us, especially when those around us want different things than we do or pull us in directions we do not wish to go. Soften our resistance, gracious Lord, and draw us into an authentic relationship with you and true community with one another. We pray this in the name of your Son, who prayed and still prays for us. Amen.

~ from the Presbyterian Church in Canada website.