Intercessions for Mother's Day

Here’s a prayer of intercession for Mother’s Day from the World in Prayer website.

Prayers of the People: Mother’s Day

"As truly as God is our father, so just as truly is God our mother.
In our father, God Almighty, we have our being;
in our merciful mother we are re-made and restored.
Our fragmented lives are knit together and made perfect.
And by giving and yielding ourselves, through grace, to the Holy Spirit
we are made whole."

~ Julian of Norwich

Holy One, we gather in your presence to give you thanks and to celebrate the gift of your love; a love that supports, nurtures and challenges us in ways that strengthen and transform us. We offer you praise and thanksgiving for your unfailing presence in our lives and all of the blessings that you so generously offer us.

Today, as we celebrate Mother's Day, we give thanks for mothers the world over. We give thanks for all those who have nurtured and care for us, remembering especially, birth mothers, adoptive mothers, surrogate mothers, aunts, grandmothers, teachers, neighbors and all women who have shared their faith with us.

We pray, compassionate God, for those mothers who have been hurt, disillusioned, or disappointed in their role as mother. We pray for those who have been denied a longed-for chance at motherhood, and for those whose years of mothering have been cut short by the loss of a child.

We lift up before you, O God, the members of our human family around the world—for those who are afflicted or suffering at this time—for those who need healing, for those who require bread or shelter, for those who live in violent homes and communities, for those who are grieving, and for those whose needs are known to you alone.

We remember…(specific petitions may be mentioned here)

Holy Mother and Father of us all, touch us with your healing peace and gentle e embrace that we may walk in your ways bringing dignity, justice and peace to all corners of your world. All of this we pray in the strong name of Jesus.


— from the World in Prayer website.