Contemporary Hymn for Mother's Day

Here’s a contemporary hymn written for Mother’s Day/Mothering Sunday by the British hymnist, Timothy Dudley-Smith.  See below for tune suggestions.

Our Father God in Heaven

Our Father God in heaven
on whom our world depends,
to you let praise be given
for families and friends;
for parents, sisters, brothers,
a home where love belongs,
but on this day for mothers
we bring our thankful songs.

What wealth of God's bestowing
for all the world to share!
what strength of heart outgoing
to children everywhere!
Our deepest joys and sorrows
a mother's path must trace,
and earth's unknown tomorrows
are held in her embrace.

How well we know the story
that tells of Jesus' birth,
the Lord of heaven's glory
become a child of earth;
a helpless infant sleeping,
yet King of realms above,
to find in Mary's keeping
the warmth of human love.

Our Father God in heaven,
to you we lift our prayer,
that every child be given
such tenderness and care,
where life is all for others,
where love your love displays:
for God's good gift of mothers
let earth unite in praise!

~ written by Timothy Dudley-Smith.  Words © 2003 Hope Publishing Company.  Posted on Hope Publishing Company’s Online Hymnody website, and reprinted here by permission. If you use this song in worship, be sure to report it on your CCLI, LicenSing or OneLicense copyright license.

Song suggestions:  ( meter)
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