Feb 21, 2013

Reflection for Good Friday

Here’s a reflection on the events of Good Friday.  It was written by J. Mark Jordan.

Reflection: God Did

I rehashed a tragedy today.
It was messy, shameful, crushing.
They asked why…again and again.
If God…Why did God…How could God…
I don’t understand God…

God didn’t.
The resident forces of darkness
Violently oppose all that is good.

The corrupt and corruptible nature of Adam,
Complicit in wrongdoing, fell again.
These powers define the world we inhabit.

I rehashed a tragedy today.
It was messy, shameful, crushing.
I asked why…again and again.
How could God…?
How could I understand God…?

God did.
The superior forces of good,
With greater violence, overcame all that was evil.
I understand.

He did not enter a virtual world with make believe enemies.
He did not shed pretend blood or die a painless death
That was no death at all.

I rejoice in a victory today.
It was messy, shameful and crushing.
Wounding and healing, defeat and victory
God waved no wand; he did not snap his fingers.
Eyes wide open, body braced, he threw himself into the fray.
Real blow by real blow,
The outcome was never in doubt.
But you couldn’t tell it in the process.

~ written by J. Mark Jordan and posted on Thinking in Color. http://jonathanjordan.squarespace.com/