Feb 21, 2013

Reflection: The Crucified One

Here is a reflection on the death of Jesus from Loretta F. Ross’s The Praying Life blog.

The Crucified One

God is simplicity and one-foldedness,
inaccessible height and fathomless depth,
incomprehensible breadth and eternal length,
a dim silence and a wild desert.

So wrote John of Ruysbroeck in the 14th century.

God is also a man, whose name is Jesus,
born in a middle eastern city,
of a woman named Mary.
Firmly anchored in time and space,
he walked the paths of Nazareth,
ate, and laughed, and loved.
God is also this same man,
now beaten,  bleeding,  and dying,
executed on a cross.
For in Jesus
the Inaccessible Height and Fathomless Depth
had inserted
itself into
the messy specificity and limitation
of humanity,
and consented
to occupy
and death.

~ written by Loretta F. Ross, and posted on The Praying Life. http://theprayinglife.com/