Affirmation of Faith: Abundant God

Here’s an affirmation of faith which celebrates the extravagance of God.  It was written by Bruce Prewer.


We believe in the debonaire God
who clothes the wild flowers
dressing them so superbly
that they outdo Solomon in all his glory;
who is the true Friend
of all creatures great and small
who feeds magpies and laughing kookaburras,
and even doleful ravens and drongos.

We believe in the God of Christ Jesus
the Source of abundance,
full of grace and truth.

We believe in the extravagant God
who turns the other cheek,
goes the second mile,
turns water into the best wine,
brings healing with his every touch,
and who welcomes a woman’s of love
as she fills the house with unforgettable fragrance.

We believe in the faith-full God of Jesus Christ,
who sweated blood in an Olive Grove,
and kept the faith to the very end.

We believe in the redeeming God
who spared no cost,
forgave even his brutal crucifiers,
had time for a dying thief at his side,
and who on the third day
did a thing so prodigious
that even his friends were dismayed with joy.

We believe in the God of Jesus Christ,
the Source of abundance
wherever we turn
and no matter what we do.

~ written by Bruce Prewer, and posted on Bruce Prewer’s Home Page.