Prayer: Witnesses

Here’s a beautiful prayer for the Easter season from John van de Laar’s Sacredise website.

(based on Luke 24:36-48, John 20:19-31)

How do we find the faith to believe the story of Easter, Jesus?
How do we grasp its truth?
We can only accept it;
refusing to reduce it to scientific debate
or historical literalism
kneeling with humility and awe beside the blood-stained cross
and the empty grave;
For then, we are your witnesses.

How do we understand the mystery of your death and life, Jesus?
How do we explain it?
We can only live it;
allowing it to permeate every grain
of this sand that forms us,
every thought, every priority, every act and every interaction,
For then we are your witnesses,
and you deserve nothing less from us.


— Copyright © John van de Laar, on his excellent Sacredise website.  Visit there for many other excellent lectionary-based resources for worship.