Jan 16, 2013

Prayer of Invocation: Martin Luther King

Here’s a unison opening prayer for Martin Luther King, Jr. Day (3rd Monday in January).  It was written by Rev. Eliza Buchakjian-Tweedy of First Church Congregational in Rochester, NH.  (Note that it could also easily be adapted as a closing prayer.)

Opening Prayer: Martin Luther King, Jr

God of Righteousness, grant us your life-giving presence. 
Guide us in our time of worship,
and remain with us as we step out into the world,
that we may face injustice with courage and love. 
May we come to see that the end we seek is a society at peace with itself,
a society that can live with its conscience.
The timing may feel off;
the end of the road might be out of sight,
yet we trust in your holy presence.

How long? Not long, because no lie can live forever.
How long? Not long, because you still reap what you sow.
How long? Not long.  Because the arm of the moral universe is long,
but it bends toward justice. 
How long? Not long, because you are our God,
and all may take refuge in the shadow of your wings.  Amen.

~ written by Rev. Eliza Buchakjian-Tweedy, adapted from “Our God is Marching On!” (speech delivered at the Alabama State House by Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, March 25, 1965). sermonizing.wordpress.com