Pastoral Prayer: John 2: 1-11

Here’s a prayer inspired by John 2:1-11, the wedding at Cana.  It comes from An Old Song with a New Dance. It was written for the Advent season, but would also be appropriate if you’re using the text for Epiphany 2, Year C.


Pastoral Prayer

(inspired by John 2: 1-11)


Long-awaited Jesus,

bring us rest for our weary hearts,

bring us peace for our troubled minds,

and bring us joy at seeing your face.


We anticipate the wedding feast,

the celebration of your presence

and our connection forever with you.


When our lives run dry,

we rest in the hope that you will replenish us.

We await the hour when you come and reinvent the world.


With patience at times and sometimes without it,

we plead with you to transform our lives

and provide what we can never provide for ourselves.


We trust you to take the emptiness of religion

and fill us with the richness of new creation in you.

We submit ourselves to your transforming power

and your wisdom to make us into our true selves,

the people you made us to be.


With joy, we praise you for your wonderful power and grace,

coming once to give us what we needed

and coming again to make all things complete.


We place our trust in you.

Help us also to believe in the glory you have revealed

as we look expectantly toward the fullness of the future you bring.

Come, Lord Jesus. Amen.


~ posted on An Old Song with a New Dance.