Prayer of Approach: Luke 1: 46-55

Here’s a prayer of approach and thanksgiving based closely on Mary’s song of praise in Luke 1:46-55.  It was written by Michael Perry in Bible Praying.

Prayer of Approach
(based on Luke 1: 46-55)

Our hearts praise you, O Lord,
our spirits rejoice in God our saviour,
for you have remembered us,
your humble servants.
Mighty God, we celebrate
the great things you have done for us—
your name is holy!
From one generation to another
you have shown mercy on those who honour you.
You have stretched out your mighty arm,
scattering the conceited,
confusing their schemes.
You bring down tyrants
and lift up the lowly;
you fill the hungry with good things,
but send the rich away empty.
You have kept your promises to us;
you have come to our help;
you will show your people your love for ever;
our hearts praise you, O Lord.  Amen.

~ written by Michael Perry in Bible Praying.  Posted on The Jubilate Group website.