Call to Worship: Matthew 2: 1-12

Here’s an invitation to worship inspired by the story of the Magi in Matthew 2:1-12.  It was written by Shelly Barsuhn.

The kingdom
(inspired by Matthew 2:1-12)
When, secondhand, we heard the shepherds call,
    "The anointed has come!"
we set out,
arriving in this kingdom a moment or a lifetime ago.
We have journeyed from
continents apart,
tundra, tropics, poverty, privilege,
energy, exhaustion, giddiness, grief.
Through some miracle,
the Messiah has brought us together.

We are all refugees
with nothing of worth to bring--
no gold, frankincense, or myrrh.
We have no drum to play.
The gifts we tried to carry,
our best doctrines, rules, and dogmas,
slip like air through our fingers.
We cup our hands, offering offer nothing.

Come stranger,
we have found our home.
The songs that welcome us here
are not the songs of angels
    (who harmonize in a different realm)
but the hum of God's grace and love
which we intone in messy unison.

In this kingdom,
no one who journeys to the Christ
is unworthy or alien.
In this kingdom,
we are companions
standing close as the wind howls.

~ written by by Shelly Barsuhn.  Posted on MINEmergent’s Daily Communique, December 28, 2012.