Prayer of Confession: Advent 1 C

Here’s a thoughtful prayer of confession from Thom Shuman’s Lectionary Liturgies blog. It’s based on the suggested scripture readings for Advent 1 C, especially Psalm 25:1-10.

Call to Reconciliation

Because it is so hard to wait, it is not easy to live through Advent's days.
But watch what God does during this time.
God waits for us to turn from our old ways to find the right paths;
God waits for us to admit what we have done, and failed to do,
so we might be forgiven and graced with new life.
Let us approach the One who waits - for us!

Unison Prayer of Confession 

It is never easy for us to confess our sins, Waiting God.
There are the hurts we have caused to our families and friends,
which we would like to forget.
There are those we believe are impossible to love,
and so we don't try.
There are people who live on the edge of our society,
and we ignore their cries for help.

Forgive us, God who comes near to us.
When we have lost our way, show us yours.
Lead us in humility down the streets of your kingdom.
Teach us your truth,
so we might be able to keep your Word,
revealed to us in Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior.

Silence is kept

Assurance of Pardon 

God does not remember our sins,
but does remember the promises which have been made to us.
God does not shame us, but lifts us to new life.
Lead us in your hope, O God, and teach us your love.
You are the God of our days,
we wait for you to come to us. Amen.

~ written by Thom Shuman, and posted on Lectionary Liturgies.