Intercession: Come, Thou Long-Expected Jesus

Here’s a prayer of intercession from the Brummhart Publishing website.  It uses the traditional Advent hymn, Come, Thou Long-Expected Jesus.

Prayer of Intercession
(using Come, Thou Long-Expected Jesus)

Congregation sings stanza 1

You were born to set us free:
we pray for the people all around us,
tangled, trapped, and bound by our own sins and fears
and the cumulative sins and fears of humanity, piling ever deeper.
We pray especially for those in special need of care today . . .
Let us find our rest in you.                     
Come, Lord Jesus, come.


Congregation sings stanza 2

You are the hope of all the earth:
we pray for a world where things so often feel hopeless
where peoples dearly desire wholeness only you can provide.
We pray especially for people in conflict and danger . . .
for those who lay down their lives . . .
and for those lead us . . .
Send your joy to every loving heart.
Come, Lord Jesus, come.


Congregation sings stanza 3

You are born to deliver us and to reign in us:
we pray for your Holy Church, called to bring in your reign . . .
Reign in us forever, and help us to live out the justice of your promised Kingdom.
Come, Lord Jesus, come.


Congregation sings stanza 4

We offer these prayers in your name, at your throne,
where you reign with your Father and the eternal Spirit.
Raise us there, so we may join the saints and angels in praising you,
even as we join together to pray as you have taught us:
Our Father in heaven . . .

~ Copyright © 2008 by Brummhart Publishing.