Christmas Litany: When the time had come

Here’s a litany for Christmas written by Kenneth I. Morse.

A Unison Christmas Confession

We were heavy with sorrow, but joy interrupted.
We were deep in the night, but a star appeared.
We were silent with sadness, but the heavens rang.
            And the splendor shone around them
            When the time had fully come.

We were hardened by conflict, but love intervened.
We were frightened by shadows, but light took them away.
We were haunted by fears, but a child brought us hope.
            And she laid him in a manger
            When the time had fully come.

We were dismal and defeated, but faith set us on fire.
We were weary and complaining, but our hearts discovered praise.
We were doubtful and confused, but a door to life was opened.
            And the guiding star went before them
            When the time had fully come.

We were arrogant and angry, but his innocence disarmed us.
We were cruel, crude, and clumsy, but his grace made all things new.
We were selfish, narrow, greedy, but his joy we had to share.
            And they offered him their treasured gifts
            When the time had fully come.

We were sheep who had lost their way, but the shepherd knew our names.
We were strangers without a country, but our kingdom came to us.
We were children far from home, but God sent his Son to guide.
            And the Word was flesh among us
            When the time had fully come.

~ written by Kenneth I. Morse, from “In Straw and Story,” p.80, Brethren Press, copyright 1977.  Posted on the Long Green Valley Church of the Brethren website.