Call to Worship, Prayer: Good News!

Here’s a call to worship and unison opening prayer for Advent from Nancy J’s blog, Wonderings through life and other such nonsense.

Call to Worship
(inspired by Isaiah 61:1-3)

Good news!
The Holy One, God Almighty, claims us as God’s very own!
Rejoice in the Lord!

Good news!
The times of trouble are nearly over!
Rejoice in the Lord, always!

Good news!
God is in our midst, ready to renew us with holy love!
Rejoice in the Lord, always! Again we say rejoice!

Good news! Good news!
The peace of the Lord will dwell in our hearts!
We lift up our hearts in thanksgiving. Thanks be to God!

Opening Invocation

Move us, Joyful God,
take our hands and lead us in your dance of creation.
When we are uncertain,
guard our hearts with your peace.
When our steps falter,
surround us with the strength of your Spirit.
Guide us, Dancing God,
until we are move and sing with the joy of your salvation.
In the name of Emmanuel, God with Us, we pray, Amen.

~ Rev. Nancy J, on her blog, wonderings through life and other such nonsense.