Nov 4, 2012

All-Age Readers' Theatre: 1 Samuel 2

Here’s an intergenerational setting of 1 Samuel 2:1-10, set for multiple voices.  It was written by Carolyn Brown, based on Today’s English Version of the scripture.

Carolyn notes:  “Hannah’s prayer or song should be read by one or more women. If the group includes women and girls of all ages, it feels like a choir of happy women praising God.  The script below lists 15 readers, but could be read by as few as 3 or4 readers with each reading one part in turn.  Give each reader a script with her part/s highlighted. 

Hannah’s Prayer

All:       The Lord has filled my heart with joy;
            how happy I am because of what he has done!

1:         I laugh at my enemies;
            how joyful I am because God has helped me!

2:         No one is holy like the Lord;
            there is none like him,
            no protector like our God. 

3:         Stop your loud boasting;
            silence your proud words.
            For the Lord is a God who knows,
            and he judges all that people do. 

4:         The bows of strong soldiers are broken,
            but the weak grow strong. 

5:         The people who once were well fed
            now hire themselves out to get food,
            but the hungry are hungry no more. 

6:         The childless wife has borne seven children,
            but the mother of many is left with none. 

7:         The Lord kills and restores to life;
            he sends people to the world of the dead
            and brings them back again. 

8:         The Lord makes some poor and others rich;
            he humbles some and makes others great. 

9:         The Lord lifts the poor from the dust
            and raises the needy from their misery. 

10:       The Lord makes them companions of princes
            and puts them in places of honor. 

11:       The foundations of the earth belong to the Lord;
            on them he has built the world.

12:       The Lord protects the lives of his faithful people,
            but the wicked disappear in darkness; 

13:       People do not triumph by their own strength. 

14:       The Lord’s enemies will be destroyed;
            he will thunder against them from heaven. 

15:       The Lord will judge the whole world;
            he will give power to his king,
            he will make his chosen king victorious.

~ from Carolyn Brown’s Worshipping with Children website.