Oct 11, 2012

Psalm Paraphrase: Psalm 146: 5-10

Here’s a paraphrase of Psalm 146:5-10 from James Taylor’s wonderful collection, Everyday Psalms.  (See below for link.)

Psalm Paraphrase:  Psalm 146:5-10

Put your faith in God.
God made heaven and earth,
the sea, the sky, and the continents.
God made everything that lives in the waters,
that walks on the earth, that flies in the skies.
God keeps faith with them all.
Surely God will do the same for you.
God’s spirit proclaims good news to the poor,
release to the captives,
recovery of sight to the blind.
God’s holy spirit lifts up those
who are bent over with responsibilities,
who are burdened with the struggle to do right.
God does not protect only good solid citizens.
God looks after transients, immigrants, and gays,
illegitimate children, and single mothers.
God will not break faith.
Not now. Not ever.
Thank God for that!

~ written by James Taylor, in Everyday Psalms (Woodlake Books, 1994).