Oct 12, 2012

Prayers: After Violence

Here are two prayer responses to violence. They come from A Collection of Prayers for Peace, compiled by the World Council of Churches. http://www2.wcc-coe.org/


O Lord Jesus Christ,
whose perfect life met death by violence and was not extinguished;
so enter the hearts and minds of those affected by violence,
that frailty may give way to your strength,
loss to your pain,
bitterness to your total and victorious love;
for your name’s sake. Amen.

~ From the United Kingdom, used a the place where a young woman was murdered. 


God, you are the God of life.
Transform us in the depths of our hearts
into people, through whom your peace
is carried out into your world.

Send your Spirit into the hearts of those
who are captured in the net of violence
be it as perpetrators or as victims
and let us never give up the search
for the chance to talk to them.

— From Croatia