Prayer for Peace

Here’s a prayer of intercession from Pax Christi UK.

Prayer for Peace

We pray for those leaders of our communities,
our church, our country and our world,
that they may make decisions that are in accord
with God’s commandments that bring life, justice and peace.

For those who have died by actions of violence,
that they may be raised with Christ who died for them
and that they may know the unending life and glory
of the kingdom of peace and light.

For those who have survived violence,
that they will be sheltered in the compassion
of God and our community and that, feeling the compassion of Jesus,
they may find healing and hope.

For those who commit acts of violence against others,
that their hearts may be moved by Christ’s grace,
and that they may be transformed
by the Spirit of love.

For ourselves, that we will work together to end violence
and bring life, peace and security to our world.

— from Pax Christi UK.  Posted on the Center of Concern website.