Oct 15, 2012

Prayer of Saint Patrick

Here’s a prayer of invocation and commitment inspired by a prayer written by St. Patrick (5th century). 

Permit us not, O Lord, to hear your word in vain.
Convince us of its truth, cause us to feel its power,
and bind us to yourself with the cords of faith, hope, and love
that shall never be broken.

We bind you to ourselves today, O God:
your power to hold us,
your hand to guide us,
your eye to watch us,
your ear to hear us,
your wisdom to teach us,
your word to give us speech,
your presence to defend us,
this day and every day;
in the name of the blessed Trinity.  Amen.

— adapted from a prayer of St. Patrick in Ancient Christian Devotional, edited by Thomas Oden and Cindy Crosby. Posted on the Sojourners website.