Opening Prayer: Reveal Yourself

Here’s an opening prayer from the Fresh Worship website.

Opening Prayer

Creator God
swirling, formless one,
hovering over creation and bringing new things to life
you speak new worlds into being with language that creates and liberates

Eternal God
living, limitless one
inhabiting the vast universe with the rich complexity of your being
you reveal yourself to your creatures and invite us to know you

Friendly God
nurturing, welcoming one
opening yourself wide to the joy and pain of loving your people
you place us in communities and families that echo your true nature

(pause to think about the language we instinctively use for God)

Holy God
We thank you for the ways in which
   we have known and understood you;
We thank you for the metaphors
   that have opened our eyes to more of who you are;
We thank you for the language that has brought
   the transcendent, timeless, mysterious God within our grasp.

Holy God
We are hungry for more of you
We ask you to reveal more of yourself to us
to take us beyond the confines of familiar habits
to free us from the restrictions and distortions of our language
to expand our understanding of you
so that we can love you whole heartedly
we can communicate you faithfully
and we can reflect your full image to a world that needs you

~ posted on the Fresh Worship website of Grace Church, an alternative congregation in London, England.