Oct 8, 2012

Prayer of Commitment: Mark 10

Here’s a prayer of commitment inspired by Mark 10:46-52, where Jesus heals Bartimaeus of his blindness.


Prayer of Commitment

(inspired by Mark 10:46-52)


Take heart, get up, he is calling you. (Mark 10:49)


Lord Jesus,
Bartimaeus shouted when he heard you coming,
sprang up, cast away his cloak and ran to you,
asked you only for what he needed,
his sight. 
And when you restored him,
immediately, he followed you.


We give thanks for the people
who hear and wait for us,
who do not flinch at our humanity,
who do not turn away from our vulnerability,
who really see us with the eyes of love,
that different way of seeing.


May we too see in a different way
not just the condition of people but their capabilities
not just what they need but what they can offer
not just as labels but as lovable and loving people.

Help us to learn from those who know their need of God,
and to follow with their faith. 


~ posted on the Monthly Prayers page of the Christian Aid website.  http://www.christianaid.org.uk/