Oct 15, 2012

Intergenerational Confession: Hands

Here’s a creative prayer of confession for the whole congregation.  It was written by Carolyn Brown.

She suggests: Invite worshipers to pray with their hands making the obvious motions as the leader prays the following prayers of confession and intercession.  It helps if the leader also makes the hand motions in a very easy to see manner.

Intergenerational Prayer of Confession:

God you created our hands beautiful and capable but…

Too often we use them to grab what we want

We ball them up into fists to hit.

We use them to hug only ourselves.

We hide them behind our backs
pretending there is nothing we could do to help when we know there is.

So, we turn our hands up to you asking for forgiveness. 
Forgive all the bad we have done with our hands. 
Wash our hands and make them clean. 
Lead us to use our hands well.

Teach us to open our hands to share with others.

Give us the power to shake hands with our neighbors.

Show us how to join hands with our neighbors to build your kingdom of love.

We pray in Jesus’ name and remembering his loving hands.


— written by Carolyn Brown, from her excellent Worshipping with Children website. http://www.worshipingwithchildren.blogspot.com/