Reflection: James 5: 13-20

Here’s a reflection/prayer on James 5:13-20.  It comes from the Christian Aid website.

Reflection: James 5:13-20

‘Therefore confess your sins to one another,
and pray for one another, so you may be healed.’

A good friend doesn't let you get away with murder
but will speak for you in your defence

a good friend asks hard questions
but stays with you while you struggle with the answers

a good friend sees you at your worst
but still loves you

a good friend has had plenty of practice
in forgiving you

a good friend has no illusions about you
(knows you're only human)
but still has hopes for you

everyone needs a good friend,
otherwise you'd just go on making the
same dreary old mistakes

God of wisdom, God of justice, God of mercy,
be our friend.

~ posted on the Christian Aid website.