Pastoral Prayer: Esther

Here’s a pastoral prayer inspired by the story of Esther.  It was written by Richard Einerson.

Pastoral Prayer
(inspired by the book of Esther)

Eternal God, we are ever so aware of our ties to the biblical world as we have today entered the world of Esther. We regret that so little has changed in our public life since then.
• There is still intrigue in high places.
• There are still unholy alliances.
• There is still the dynamic of the fearful trying to do away with, or at least to get out of the way, perceived enemies or threats to their power.
• There is still the problem of evil in the guise of good.
• There is still deceit used to gain selfish ends.

So it will be, world without end. Yet we ask your aid as we go about building our lives, our nation, and our world in this twenty first century.
• May we not be disillusioned because of the deceit of peoples’ hearts.
• May we not lose faith in people because of the faithlessness of the few.
• May we not fail to see this as your wonderful world or be dispirited.
• May we not lose a faithful and expectant spirit which is expectant for good, expectant for hope, expectant for triumph.
• May we not lose hope in the ultimate triumph of good over evil.

As in Esther’s day may we not forget to make days of feasting and thanksgiving and gladness and give you thanks for your goodness to us. Be with us, O God, who turns sorrow into gladness, weakness into strength, defeat into triumph. Give us triumphant spirits. Amen

~ written by Richard Einerson, and published in Prayers of the People.