Aug 30, 2012

Prayer for Peace

Here’s a prayer for peace written by the Catholic theologian and author Hans Kung.

Prayer for Peace

Hidden, eternal, unfathomable, all-merciful God,
beside you there is no other god.
You are great and worthy of all praise;
your power and grace sustain the universe.

God of faithfulness without falsity, just and truthful,
you chose Abraham, your devout servant,
to be the father of many nations,
and you have spoken through the prophets.

Hallowed and praised be your name throughout the world.
May your will be done wherever people live.

Living and gracious God, hear our prayer;
our guilt has become great.
Forgive us children of Abraham our wars,
our enmities, our misdeeds toward one another.
Rescue us from all distress and give us peace.

Guardian of our destiny,
bless the leaders and rulers of the nations,
that they may not covet power and glory
but act responsibly
for the welfare and peace of humankind.

Guide our religious communities and those set over them,
that they may not only proclaim the message of peace
but also show it in their lives.

And to all of us, and to those who do not worship among us,
give your grace, mercy, and all good things,
and lead us, God of the living,
on the right way to your eternal glory. Amen.

— written by Hans Kung. Posted in Prayers for Peace and Justice, on the Reformed Church in America website.