Litany: Through Our Work

Here’s a litany about work from the African-American Lectionary website.


We gather today to salute all
who labor to provide for their families
and make our world a better place.
Work is a noble enterprise.
And all lawful professions are worthy of recognition.
Through our work we teach others,
care for the affairs of our community,
and cultivate our world and our land.
Through our work,
we uplift the brokenhearted and we fend for the underrepresented,
each of us fulfilling our role in God’s grand design.
All who work are to be compensated honorably,
and their contributions to our society are not to be diminished.
We bless the Lord,
who gives us strength to work,
grace to achieve,
compassion to serve,
and favor to excel.

~ posted on the African-American Lectionary website.