Labor Day Poem

Here’s a Labor Day poem written by Bobby Gilles.  He writes, “I was inspired by Sojourn pastor Daniel Montgomery’s teaching on workplace theology and a phrase in Carl P. Daw, Jr.’s “What Boundless Love, O Carpenter Of Nazareth.” For those of you interested in poetic meter, I wrote this in meter. Feel free to reproduce this poem in your Sunday Bulletins.”

Labor Day Poem

God of shop and marketplace,
Of farm and studio,
Factory and shipping lane,
Of school and busy home:
Bless the produce of our hands.
Redeem our work for Kingdom-use.
By Your grace, our efforts stand,
All offered up to You.

There in Eden, You proclaimed
That we should work the earth –
Stewards over all we named,
Delighting in their worth.
Through our fall we brought decay,
Lost access to Jehovah’s rest.
Through the cross, we rest in faith
And all our labor’s blessed.

In Your image we are made:
Creative like You are,
Forming goods for use and trade
Just like You formed the stars.
Send us out in power and skill
To worship through each task assigned.
By Your Spirit we fulfill
The holy, grand design.

~ written by Bobby Gilles, and posted on the Sojourn Music website.