Litany of Confession: O Prince of Peace

Here is a peace litany written by an unknown 20th century author.

Confession Litany: Peace

O Prince of peace,
from peace that is no peace,
from the grip of all that is evil,
from a violent righteousness…
deliver us.

from paralysis of will,
from lies and misnaming,
from terror of truth…
deliver us.

From hardness of heart,
from trading in slaughter,
from the worship of death…
deliver us.

By the folly of your gospel,
by your choosing our flesh,
by your nakedness and pain…
heal us.

By your weeping over the city,
by your refusal of the sword,
by your facing of horror…
heal us.

By your bursting from the tomb,
by your coming in judgment,
by your longing for peace …
heal us.

Grant us peace. Amen.

~ source unknown.